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    In Florida, a man mysteriously falls ill and dies. SpecialAgent Matthew Ryker suspects an anthrax attack - how manyothers have been infected?
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    Ryker's investigation moves to New York as another case ofanthrax occurs. Bruce Ivins begins having suspicions of hiscoworkers.
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    An attack on Capitol Hill sends Ryker and his team to a mailfacility that's become a hot spot for anthrax infections.
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    The FBI learns more about Bruce Ivins' peculiar past behaviorsafter an old colleague raises red flags. Ryker and Dani tracethe origin of the letters.
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    All eyes shift to &quot:Mr. Z&quot:. As they start to zero inon a suspect, Ryker and Dani get new assignments - but thatwon't stop them from chasing their lead.
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